Do Article Directories Still Help SEO?

If you have been wondering if article directories and submission sites are any help to your SEO strategy, you can find out some amazing truths here. Many website owners and web promotion companies are in turmoil as to the effectiveness of any kinds of linking strategies these days, so in this article, I will endeavour to set the record straight.

But first, let's take a look at what has gotten so many people in a kind of information overload induced form of procrastination.

What Have The Search Engines Done?

These days, after numerous Google algo updates and what seems to be an all out purge on link farms and places where you used to be able to place articles to garner a free back link or several to your websites, it would seem that the usefulness of article directories is not what it was. The "link juice" coming from general blogs and article repositories has doubtless been reduced to almost zero, so why would anyone bother posting articles to these directories any more?

Well, there is still a good reason to do this, despite the very low level of link juice that they can provide. That reason is diversity of the links that are pointing to your site.

Link Diversity is the Key

One thing that has become pretty obvious in SEO circles is that in order to rank a site, that site must have a wide diversity of link types. which includes a mix of different anchors, as well as bare url links and links pointing to many deep pages in a site and not all to the homepage.

Well, by blasting a large number of articles at directories, you can create an artificial diversity in your backlinks very easily. Those links may not count for much in terms of direct ranking, but they will help to increase the diversity of the total number of links coming in, so that the strong links that contain the keyword anchors that you want to rank for have more potency.

Does This Sound Like a Plan?

In other words, you can make good use of this resource if not directly to push your site up the ladder, then certainly indirectly. It could turn out to be a very effective plan if you do it right.

So don't discard your favorite article directory list just yet, because it will still have its uses even if the contents will never again add up to much in the way of link juice. They will add up to an increase in link diversity which is good for the long term authority of your site.

And in the grand scheme of things when you run your own home business involving websites, that has to be a good thing.