The Secret to Building Great Websites

For some reason, many people truly believe that there is some kind of well kept secret to building great websites. They go looking around for the things that they think successful site builders know that they don't.

website designIt's as though some people have access to a hoard of secret site creation tips and they are not sharing! The truth of the matter is that there is no great secret to building a really great site apart from the fact that you need to be fully motivated to succeed and have the determination to make you get up off your backside and do what you have to do in order to succeed.

You Have to Work at it

This is because nobody ever created anything of relevance just sitting in front of the TV all day watching brain sapping, mind numbing shows. Nobody ever wrote a single line of useful code sitting in a chair and reading books on how to write the code. The secret, if it can be even thought of as a secret, is to stop reading, watching and dreaming about doing it and do something physical about it!

It's like you will only cook an amazing meal if you go out to the store and by the right ingredients. Similarly, you will only create an amazing looking website and improve your creative skills by doing some actual coding and building every day. Then you can build however many websites you want and they'll all be great!

Of course you have to train your mind to think positive thoughts about putting your skills to work, but the other half of the equation is getting active and doing what it is you are thinking about doing. If this is the great secret to creative site building, then consider it revealed!

Put More into Site Design and Get Better Results

We all get a little despondent from time to time when we are trying to put together a really clever website design but whatever it is that we try to do just doesn't seem to work for us. There are some amazingly good site build tips around that work and work very well indeed when you really put them to good use.

It is no good just trying them in a half hearted way, slapping the site on some mediocre web hosting and expecting to see great results. You have to put some work into them and be eager to see results. The more determined you are to succeed at putting up a really special design, the more motivated you will be to put more effort into making whatever strategy you have decided to work with work better than it would have done had you only done half a job.

All things are relevant and the old saying that you reap what you sow is a good one for personal achievement and enjoying being at the correct level in your own development while having a productive and creative work rate. When you put in that extra bit or work each day towards your own finished product, you will be rewarded with that extra bit of good feedback and those doubts and worries will disappear while your site gets to look better each and every day!

Understanding the Secrets of Using Solid Plans

building great websitesJust like any other methods and strategies to accomplish anything, those that govern the process of designing and building a great website need to be understood. Their secrets must be uncovered before they can be most effectively put to good use.

One way of doing this is to research a selection of solid plans that you can find online and really work through them so that you fully understand what they are telling you and why they do what they do. Once you have grasped their full meaning and the right way to use them, they cease to be a mystery and then become a viable means of working towards your goal.

Then you have the practical stage where you try them to see which of those plans and techniques works best for you. Not all of them will and some will be more effective than others, but when you use them together or in combination, you will see their effectiveness grow quite nicely.

This is how you can form a really good, personal strategy that you can get the most from. As with most things, you will have to put in some measure of effort to get the results that you desire, but gaining a better understanding of the process is a pretty good reason to do that.

What is So Difficult About Interactive Site design?

I was talking with a colleague the other day and she was telling me about how she had put together her own interactive site design template over the last month or so and how easy it had been for her. I said that I thought it was supposed to be pretty hard to code a truly interactive site from scratch, but she said that was what a lot of people think, but they've got it wrong.

She read some really useful ideas online and they really helped her to put things into perspective. Everything that had initially seemed to be very difficult, turned out to be really easy. It is amazing just how much difference a little knowledge in the right place can make to a person's perception of how a task such as creating an interactive design is easy or not.

I guess a lot of it has to do with understanding how the process works. When you don't know how something works, it's truly a mystery to you and can seem really difficult to do.

But when you know a thing, it ceases to be a mystery and seems a lot easier than it used to. That's how my colleague said it was for her and I guess the proof of this pudding is definitely in the eating!

Responsive Design

Another aspect to site design is in creating a good responsive theme that will give you a great looking site whether it's displayed in a full size home computer monitor or on a small mobile phone display. Responsive design is the buzz word for creating a mobile ready site that adapts to the display size and looks great as well as being easy to read and navigate no matter what the size and features of the device displaying it.

A lot of site designers opted for a dual site with the main section designed for standard monitors and a separate subdomain mirror site designed for small screen devices and a meta tag that tells the browser which to display depending on screen size. This is fine, but a better use of their time would have been to look at style sheet manipulation to have everything in the one set of files and let the CSS do the work of deciding screen size and displaying the appropriate layout.

This is a whole subject all to itself and way too big and cumbersome to be handled in an article of this scope, so I'll do more justice to it in a future article here. Suffice it to say, there may be more to good site design than meets the eye, but it doesn't really take as much work as you might think to master it and use what you've learned to create a truly incredible website that visitors will love.