Building and maintaining a website or sites can be a full time job depending on how you intend your online presence to work for you. This section of contains a collection of handy and informative articles that I have written on this subject and related topics.

When you are in business with an online presence, your website is your open door to your business. Just like you need a great looking store in the high street or mall to attract customers through your doors, you need a great looking website to tempt visitors to check out your products or services and buy or sign up for whatever it is you're selling.

Website Availability

But unlike a brick and mortar store, that is and always will be there for customers to find, your website can go offline at times and that can spell disaster in lost sales and lost business. The ideal solution would be to do everything you can to ensure your website remains online and available at all times.

To achieve that, you need the very best hosting that money can buy. Naturally you are limited to what you can spend by your budget, but you really want to make sure you budget for good hosting and don't ever skimp on this aspect of your business.

A cheap host for your website could result in more downtime and slow page load times, which are both a big turn off for potential cust9omers. Remember, those customers can hit the back button in a flash if your page isn't loading fast enough for them and they can head off to your competitor just as fast.

Covering the Hard Facts About Websites and their Hosting

Lucky for you there are some really helpful articles in this section of the site to explain the importance of your website and the host that displays it to the world. You'll find a lot of what you need to know about not just putting up a website for your business, but how to make it available, visible and open for business 24/7 so that your online enterprise gets the exposure it needs to grow and flourish.

When your hard work and investment gets the right kind of airing online, you can expect to maximize your customer base and see sales increase as a result. After all, a prosperous and successful business makes for a very happy bunny!

Published Titles

Below you can brose through the list of the currently published articles that cover the many aspects of websites, site building, maintenance and strategy: